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<b>Performance Meets Sustainability</b>

Challenges with Pharmaceutical Glass Vials

Glass vials have been the industry standard for pharmaceutical drug containment, enabling the distribution of life-saving medications to patients worldwide. However, the environmental footprint created by the production and disposal of these vials is often ignored. More than ever, the industry is now seeking pharmaceutical packaging solutions that have the potential to reduce carbon emissions and waste while still safeguarding drug quality.

Four Benefits of Corning Viridian Glass Vials


Improve Sustainability

Viridian Vials are manufactured with 20% less glass versus ISO standard vials. The reduction in glass enables up to a 30% reduction for our customers.1


Enhance Performance

Corning’s proprietary low coefficient-of-friction coating on Viridian Vials enables higher line speeds and reduces the need for intervention due to vial jams, tip overs and glass breakage. Viridian Vials can improve filling line efficiency by up to 50% compared to conventional vials.2


Protect Drug Quality

The protective coating on Viridian Vials reduces the risk of damage that can lead to quality issues like cracks, breaks and cosmetic defects. In horizontal compression strength testing, Viridian Vials demonstrated the same or better breakage rate as conventional vials.3 The coating also reduces glass particulates from fill-finish by up to 96%.4


Drop-in Alternative

The outer dimensions of Viridian Vials are aligned to ISO standard 8362-1 enabling manufacturers to use existing container closure systems and filling lines without additional change parts.

Download the Viridian Glass Vials brochure

Download the Viridian Glass Vials technical data sheet?
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1?20% less glass and 30% less emission is based on 30% reduction in wall thickness. .Results based on 3rd party Life Cycle Assessment of Corning Pharmaceutical Technologies conducted by Sphera Solutions Inc.
2?Dombrowski, et. al., Full Throttle For Vaccine Filling, Corning, Optima, ThermoFisher, 2021
3? Internal data collected based on horizontal compression study completed by Corning Incorporated.
4?Timmons, C. L, et al. Particulate Generation Mechanisms during Bulk Filling and Mitigation via New Glass Vial.?PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, September 2017,?71?(5)?379-392

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